The first season saw Thuet and Zorich open a high-end restaurant in Toronto from scratch that was staffed by convicted criminals. For Season 2, the couple heads west to Vancouver to turn convicted felons with no culinary experience into restaurant waiters and cooks. The plan is to help overhaul owner Daniel Frankel's martini bar in the heart of the city's West End. But can they handle the stresses of running businesses in two time zones? Can these convicted criminals cook themselves up a bright new future on the right side of the law? And with limited time and funds, will Thuet and Zorich be forced to compromise their usual level of fine dining?

"The experience is powerful," says Thuet as he reflects back on the outcome of Season 1. "They look like regular people now but when they came in, they had no self-esteem...they couldn't even look me in the eyes... Many people lack the capacity to understand that all people really want is an opportunity to show their worth."

Thuet is a fourth-generation culinary artist with a colourful past. He has been vocal about his ups and downs, and credits his success to those individuals who gave him a second chance. Zorich was one of these people and together, they make an influential and inseparable team.

"We're helping people who are severely disadvantaged because of the social stigmas associated with their past," says Zorich, who is known for her tough love approach.

Thuet and Zorich put their reputations on the line as they train a staff of former bank robbers, thieves and minor offenders refurbish an existing business, and create a menu around fresh and seasonal ingredients. Having lived through some extreme circumstances from last season, Thuet, Zorich, and their motley crew is in for another challenge that will push them and their charges to the limit.Season 2 of "Conviction Kitchen" will air on Sundays at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT, 10pm MT) on Citytv this fall.

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