More than just a traditional couple raising their two young girls Marc Thuet and Biana Zorich are business partners and television personalities running a series of successful businesses, including Toronto's Petite Thuets, a growing chain of gourmet bakeries in Toronto. At the same time staring in the television series Convictions Kitchen which was insired by their rise to success and their dedication to the art of cooking.

Overcoming a troubled youth to become one of the world's top chefs, Marc was born in Alsace, France, and is a fourth generation chef who has been working in restaurants since he was twelve. After his initial apprenticeship in his uncle's kitchen, Chef Thuet moved on to some of the world's finest kitchens, including the Lycee Hotelier in Strasbourg, France, and London's Dorchester Hotel, where he spent three years under the tutelage of Anton Mosimann, official caterer to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Renowned as the genius behind some of Canada's most prestigious dining venues, Marc has also worked in chef positions at the Windsor Arms Hotel, Centro, The Fifth, and the Rosewater Supper Club.

Beyond his culinary triumphs, this humorous and passionate bad-boy of the kitchen is up-front about his shady past as a leather-clad, Harley-riding, tattoo-sporting, hard-drinking, drug-taking, unfaithful, bankrupt lowlife.

As for Biana, born in Serbia during troubling times and spending her formative years with her grandparents in Paris France hardened her resolve to succeed in business and life. Beyond her good looks and big heart, she is also known by staff as the 'Dragon Lady' when things go awry, and describes herself as an 'assertive and ambitious, money-driven, career-focused, control freak.'